Familie foto's


Galina Gladkaya
Family Album
Let there always be a reason to create a picture book,
filled with memories and photos upon which we may look.
Let the faces that we gaze upon bring laughter, tears, and joy,
unfolding special moments in a history to enjoy.
And hopefully, as years pass by in a future yet to come,
this little book of photos will reveal where we've come from.
For we carry deep within us all that's gone before,
receiving from our ancestors gifts and traits galore.
Reflected in the way we express ourselves today,
a very special you and me in each and every way.
What a wonderful remembrance to share with family,
an album filled with pictures from a growing family tree.
A reason to give thanks for the talents we possess,
our gifts of heritage for which we've been so blessed.
And let us all remember in this keepsake made with love,
the Source of all these treasures comes from God above.

Virginia Carlson

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